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Places to Go and Things to See & Do
in North Klamath County

North Klamath County has a wide variety of Places To Go & Things To See & Do. There are Great Places, but then, there are Really Great Places. Whether you’re looking for Wildlife, Lakes, Rivers & Streams, Snowmobiling, Quad ATV & UTV Trails, We Have Them All, At Your Beckon Call! Just minutes up or down the road, and on the Day Trip roster you’ll find Wonderful & Beautiful places you wont want to miss. Beautiful Photo Opportunities are around every corner giving you the Best of the Best of the Best. As you’ll see when you explore Northern Klamath County, there is a lot more to Oregon than just 7 Wonders. You’ll see why its hard to pick just 7 Beautiful places to write on your Bucket List.


North Klamath County is home to the Bald Eagle, Osprey, Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion/Cougar, Wolf, Black Bear, and we can’t forget Wile E. Coyote.

Experience Wildlife surrounding our Communities and in the wooded hills of the Cascade Range Mountains. From Elk to Mule Deer and Mountain Lions to Wolves. Mother Nature is as beautiful as she is wild. We ask that you please be careful when Hiking, Biking, Fishing, ATV-ing Hunting and Walking in North Klamath County. Especially in the wilderness areas. Be aware and conscious, you are not the only living thing where ever you are in NKC. Click to read more about Wildlife in our area.


With so many  Lakes, Rivers and Streams in Oregon, its tough to pick which ones to include in your Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring activities. Follow this link “Lakes, Rivers & Streams” for a little information that may help with your decision making process. You’ll also find great information about Fishing and other Water Activities such as Water Skiing, Wind Surfing and Kite Board Surfing in North Klamath County.


There are many miles of trails for Hiking, Biking & Snow Skiing. North Klamath County has the best if not the most traveled of all Hiking, Biking & Snow Skiing trails in the northwest. Everyone should have these activities on their bucket list. Come to North Klamath County and check off a few Places To Go and Things To See & Do. We’re pretty sure you’ll write them on your list again and again just to come back again and again, and maybe bring a friend or two and their bucket lists.


We can’t forget about the best Snowmobile Trails in the state of Oregon. What? Snowmobiling isn’t skiing? Hmmm. I am pretty sure there are two ski’s on the front of every snowmobile and we have the best trails hands down. All trails are groomed every year by an all volunteer group of awesome folks. Click for additional info. Make sure you visit Oregon State Snowmobile Association for all the maps for Oregon.


Miles and Miles of All Terran Vehicle trails wait for you in North Klamath County and Deschutes County. Quad, UTV’s and ATV’s are one of the hottest rides happening today. We’ve given you a start by listing some great places to “Get Your Quad On”. When you come to NKC you’re entering one of the largest Quad, UTV and ATV areas around. Click for the latest information on where to go in our area.


Day trips are a great way to spend time with Family and Friends. While spending time in North Klamath County you might like to take advantage of Beautiful and Historically filled Day Trips. Pack a lunch and a few Snacks. Then, plan on spending the day visiting Historical sights in Central Oregon. Leave early enough and you might take in two trips in one day depending on your itinerary. With so much to See and Do, your gonna Love North Klamath County. Click for more info.