ODFW No More Stocking Schedules

ODFW Removes Access to All Fish Stocking Schedules

Sorry No More NKC Fishing Reports

We regret to say we have discontinued our reports of where to fish (hot spots) during certain months of the year. The ODFW has removed all access to their fish stocking schedules which we used to forecast our fishing reports. Fish stocking schedules have been a part of the ODFW’s website for as long as we can remember. We at NKC used the stocking schedules to forecast where we think local people as well as visitors to our area may go to have a good chance at catching fish.

We The People (who pay for fishing licenses) feel this is unfair to the many Oregon Fishermen, Fisherwomen and children out there.

ODFW says they are stopping the stocking schedules for the following reason: “prevent public crowding at water bodies when we deliver hatchery fish” and for “Social Distancing”. (quoted from their website) You can read the full notice on their website. If its not there anymore you can read it at the end of this article.

Some of us have actually been at many of the lakes in our area (because we fish all summer long and some of us fish in the winter) when they are stocking and we have not seen any evidence of overcrowding near the stocking trucks when stocking occurs, in fact, IT”S COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE! in most ALL (99%) cases. We do understand this may occasionally happen, but this is just not the case here. By ODFW logic, if too many people show up for dinner we should turn them away so they end up going hungry. Come on, Really!

Contact the ODFW and request they put the fish stocking schedules back up on their website so NKC and other places like them can help us plan our Family fishing trips/vacations.  Maybe if enough people complain it might just happen.
Or, maybe we should just replace the people in charge with someone who is more concerned about all Oregon Fishermen & Fisherwomen.

ODFW if you want reasons and comments why we want the Stocking Schedules back here are a few:

  • Children especially don’t always catch fish when we go fishing. Knowing where fish stocking happens actually helps Families plan their fishing trip so at least the kids have a better than average chance of catching fish. We teach them how to fish. Its up to you to use the money we pay for licenses in a way that best serves the fishing public you serve. (Chris, Central Oregon)
  • The greater majority of fishermen & fisherwomen are responsible people and do not take advantage just because you are stocking a particular lake. (Donna, Willamette Valley)
  • If the lakes are very busy with people camping and fishing does it really mean you can’t do your job? Maybe its time for a change. (Jeff, Washington State)
  • Many of us feed our families by going fishing. Maybe the grocery stores should stop publishing their grocery ads as well because too many people might flood the store and make it difficult. (the Kennedy Family, Eastern Oregon)
  • If there aren’t enough fish to go around for all people fishing maybe you should produce more fish. Or maybe adjust your budget so you can produce more fish. You raised the rates for us to fish. What Gives? If you can’t do any of these suggestions then just keep doing what your doing BUT, bring back the Fish Stocking Schedules. (Craig, South Point)
  • We are not Pirates who purposely look at the stocking schedules so we can steal the booty (fish) you deliver. Really? (Mike, South Central Oregon)
  • You are on shore in a truck dumping fish. We are on the lake in our boats fishing. Can’t get more distant than that. I guess that means we are complying with the social distancing requirement. If people are walking up and fishing next to your truck on shore while you’re dumping fish, tell them to move if you don’t want them near you. We think your over regulating a little too much. (John, Bed Oregon)
  • We pay good hard earned money for our fishing licenses, we expect better out of you. You regulate When (we can fish), Where (we can fish) and How Many (we can catch). Stop regulating the right to know When (you are stocking), Where (you are stocking) and How Many (you are stocking). (Jim, K-Falls)
  • What are you hiding? (Mary, no location mentioned)
  • It sounds like the ODFW is using the COVID Virus and Social Distancing as an excuse. If this is so, we’ll see if they bring back the Stocking Schedules when the threat of the COVID Apocalypse is over, or, maybe they’ll find another excuse. (Kevin, Metolius)
  • I know this will probably not be well received but, maybe we should find somewhere else to fish instead of Oregon. How would that feel Oregon, losing several million dollars in revenue. State revenue, businesses, resorts, stores of all types would loose a ton of revenue. If Oregon doesn’t want our money, I’m sure I can find a state that wants it. (Gerry, Idaho, and yes I drive all the way to Central Oregon to Fish because of the local Hot Spot Reports from places like NKC)

We gathered the above comments/statements from Fishermen and Fisherwomen who fish our area every year. We were quite surprised by the response not only from local Oregon folks but from the surrounding states as well.

Fishermen and FisherWomen, whether you are a local or a visitor and pay for a license to fish in Oregon, if you agree with these reasons/comments above, jump on the bandwagon and lets start a movement. Contact the ODFW and demand the service we pay for. BRING BACK THE FISH STOCKING SCHEDULES!

Curt Melcher (ODFW Director)
4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem, OR 97302
Main Phone: (503) 947-6000
Toll Free: (800) 720-6339

Below is the notice the ODFW posted on their website as to why they will no longer be posting stocking schedules.

Dear Oregon anglers,

We have taken down the online trout stocking schedule in order to prevent public crowding at water bodies when we deliver hatchery fish. Fishing is open and we will continue stocking trout but we will deliver on a slightly different schedule and some different locations to avoid a rush of anglers showing up along with the hatchery truck.

We will continue to stock popular lakes and ponds as long as people do their part and continue to use social distancing. We want to spread out angling effort in terms of timing and physical distance between anglers by not sharing our stocking schedule with the public. Thank you for understanding and doing your part to keep each other safe.

NOTE: Local ODFW offices will not have access to the stocking schedule.

Dear ODFW,

Consider this an official and formal complaint. “We The People” pay good money for our fishing licenses. You have provided fish stocking schedules for a number of years now, and now you think for some reason it is in your best interest to keep secret a resource that has helped so many people plan successful fishing trips/vacations using Hot spot Fishing Reports from places like NKC and others that use your stocking schedules. We have many Elderly and Retired folks who are disabled including Disabled Veterans who love to fish and depend on places like NKC who help them find a good place to fish. This website (NKC) supplied those people plus many others with a list of places they might have success at catching fish. NKC and others did not just list one place to try, they listed several which gave people choices of where to go. This website (NKC) provided a service that “We The People” find invaluable. BRING BACK THE FISH STOCKING SCHEDULES!

We The People!

In the event the ODFW has removed the notice from their website, we took a snapshot of their website so you can see we are telling the truth. Click here to view snapshot.