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So Many Things to See & Do in North Klamath County

North Klamath County has a very wide variety of Places To Go &   Things To Do. There are Great Places, but then, there are Really Great Places and We Have Them All! Just minutes up or down the road, and on the Day Trip roster you’ll find Wonderful & Beautiful places you wont want to miss.

Beautiful Photo Opportunities are around every corner giving you the Best of the Best of the Best. With all the Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Snowmobiling, Wildlife, Quad and ATV Trails, how can you go wrong? As you’ll see when you explore Northern Klamath County, there is a lot more to Oregon than just 7 Wonders. You’ll see why its hard to pick just 7 Beautiful places to place on your Bucket List.

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North Klamath County

Lakes, Rivers, Streams & Water Sports

nkc-crater-lake-bgCrater Lake

The number 1 lake on everyone’s list is Crater Lake. Crater Lake has inspired people for thousands of years. No place else on earth combines a deep, pure lake, so blue in color, sheer surrounding cliffs almost two thousand feet high and a violent volcanic past. Its a place of immeasurable beauty. Crater Lake is a short trip from any of our Communities in NKC and is on our list of must do Day Trips.
Crater Lake’s Website:

lakes-rivers-streamsFishing in North Klamath County

If you’re interested in Fishing, North Klamath County has to be one of the best experiences in Oregon. North Klamath County is in the Heart of Oregon’s Best Fishing. Lakes, Rivers and Streams give up their bounty not only to the skilled fisherman, but beginners as well. Crescent Lake, Odell Lake, Little Deschutes River and Miller Lake are places you don’t want to miss. In the heart of Oregon’s finest fishing, North Klamath County takes the cake hands down!

common-fish-in-nkc-672x372Fishing information provided by Best Fishing in America© website.

  • Crescent Lake (Kokanee Landlocked Salmon, Mackinaw & Rainbow Trout) Near the town of Crescent Lake.
  • Diamond Lake (though not in NKC Diamond Lake is a Rainbow Trout haven) South and West of Chemult.
  • Miller Lake (Kokanee Landlocked Salmon, Rainbow & Brown Trout) Near Chemult.
  • Odell Lake (Kokanee Landlocked Salmon, Mackinaw & Rainbow Trout) Near Crescent Lake.
  • Wickiup Reservoir (Kokanee Landlocked Salmon, Rainbow & Brown Trout) Near La Pine.
  • Click here for Fish Stocking Reports and Fishing Reports, Our Editors Picks for the Hot Spot’s this season.
  • Check out the Google Map of ODFW Stocking Sites for the High Desert Region. Get a heads up on your next fishing adventure.
  • If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Little Deschutes River:

One block off Hwy 97 and running beside the towns of Crescent & Gilchrist is Little Deschutes River The river lazily flows through the Forrest and near the towns of Crescent & Gilchrist on its way to the Deschutes River. The Little Deschutes River gives up its bounty in the form of Rainbow and Brown Trout. Some of the largest have been caught right here in the town of Crescent. Enjoy a day of fishing the river then enjoy a night of dinner and drinks at one of our Restaurant’s on Hwy 97.

Watery Playground:

Watery Playgrounds are endless here in North Klamath County. Water Sports such as Water Skiing, Wind Surfing and Kite Board Surfing are big reason people come to North Klamath County. Here in the mountains we have great sources of wind coming over the Cascade Mountain Range. Bring your Water Ski’s, Wind Surfing and Kite Boarding gear and get ready for an adventure that will blow you away.

Water Skiing:

If its Water Skiing that does it for you, don’t forget to check out the most popular Water Skiing Lake in NKC. Crescent Lake with Campgrounds all around the lake, there’s plenty of room for Tents, Campers, Trailers Motor Homes and Boats where you can Water Ski, Wind Surf and Kite Board and more to your hearts content. While you’re in Crescent Lake you might want to stop by and see just what it is that Manley’s Tavern is famous for. We’re not going to tell you, so you’ll just have to stop by and see.

North Klamath County

hike-bike-skiHiking, Biking, Snow Skiing & Snowmobiling

There are many miles of trails for Hiking, Biking, Snow Skiing & Snowmobiling. North Klamath County has the best if not the most traveled of all Hiking, Biking, Snow Skiing and Snowmobiling trails in the northwest. Don’t forget Oregon’s Pacific Crest Trail. Everyone should have these activities on their bucket list. Come to North Klamath County and check off a few Places To Go and Things To Do. We’re pretty sure you’ll write them on your list again and again just to come back again and maybe bring a friend and their bucket list.


mt-thielsenMount Thielsen:

The Hike of all Hikes, Mount Thielsen, or Big Cowhorn, is an extinct shield volcano in the Oregon High Cascades, near Mount Bailey. Because eruptive activity ceased 250,000 years ago, glaciers have heavily eroded the volcano’s structure, creating precipitous slopes and a horn-like peak. The spire-like shape of Thielsen attracts lightning strikes and creates fulgurite, an unusual mineral. The prominent horn forms a centerpiece for the Mount Thielsen Wilderness, a reserve for recreational activities such as skiing and hiking.

pacific-crest-trailPacific Crest Trail (PCT):

If there is one thing in life I wished I had done, this is it. Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in my book has to be one of the best things in life, Ever! For more info on the PCT and to reserve your permit, visit in Oregon.

willamettepassWillamette Pass Ski Resort:

Willamette Pass Ski Resort is our premier Snow Skiing Resort. While just a few miles from Crescent and Minutes from Crescent Lake it is a great day trip that is number #1 on most everyone’s roster during the winter months. Dress warm and come prepared for a day literally on top of the world. The views from the top of the Mountain are breath taking to say the least. Not only the Skiing, but the Forrest Vista and Lakes in the distance will keep you coming back for more.


We can’t forget about the best Snowmobile Trails in the state of Oregon. What? Snowmobiling isn’t skiing? Hmmm. I am pretty sure there are two ski’s on the front of every snowmobile and we have the best trails hands down. All the trails are groomed every year by an all volunteer group of awesome folks. Click images for the Crescent Lake Map, or Diamond Lake Map. Make sure you visit Oregon State Snowmobile Association for all the maps for Oregon.

Crescent Snowmobile Trails
Crescent Snowmobile Trails
Diamond Lake Snowmobile Trails
Diamond Lake Snowmobile Trails


The Pacific Crest Bicycle Trail (PCBT) is a 2,500-mile-long, road-based bicycle touring route from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. It was designed to closely parallel the Pacific Crest Trail and the two trails cross 27 times as they pass through the states of Washington, Oregon, and California. The PCBT passes through the North Cascades National Park, Crater Lake National Park, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and Sequoia National Park and is generally routed through the Cascades and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges. The route attains its highest elevation at Tioga Pass in California at approximately 10,000 feet.

Both paved and unpaved roads are used, although most are paved. In several sections where an unpaved road is used, a paved road alternative is offered.

Biking is the best way not only to exercise and get your cardiovascular system in great shape. Its also a great way to spend time with Family and Friends. We’ve found a few Guides and Maps you can use to plan your next biking adventure. Check out our Travel Planning page for Guides and Maps.

North Klamath County


Mule Deer
North Klamath County is home to the Bald Eagle, Osprey, Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion/Cougar, Wolf, Black Bear, and we can’t forget the Wile Coyote. Experience Wildlife surrounding our Communities and in the wooded hills of the Cascade Range Mountains. From Elk to Mule Deer and Mountain Lions to Wolves. Mother Nature is as beautiful as she is wild. We ask that you please be careful when Hiking, Biking, Fishing, ATV-ing Hunting and Walking in North Klamath County. Especially in the wilderness areas. Be aware and conscious, you are not the only living thing where ever you are in NKC.

If you happen to be around one of the lakes in our area, you may get a rare chance to watch Eagles and Osprey catch fish. Its unbelievable the power and accuracy of these birds. They can spot a fish from 100′ feet or more in the air and swoop down to pick it out of the lake in the blink of an eye. If you’re interested in more information check out the ODFW’s “Bird Species of Oregon

Common Sense Guidelines when visiting North Klamath County

  • Manage food and refuse.
  • Keep food in bear-proof containers.
  • Place all garbage and fish refuse in sealed, bear-proof containers.
  • Keep campsites, campfire sites clean.
  • Do not bury garbage or fish refuse; bears will dig it up.
  • Be safe while fishing.
  • Fish with at least one other person.
  • Clean fish at designated cleaning stations.
  • Talk loudly around a stream – carry a whistle to use to alert bears of your presence.
  • Avoid berry patches.
  • If you see a bear or fresh bear sign, leave the area.
  • Fire Season runs anywhere from May through September or later. Check local Fire Season dates before you start that fire.

Click here for additional information regarding wild life in North Klamath County.

North Klamath County


quads-atvQuad & ATV

Miles and Miles of All Terran Vehicle trails wait for you in North Klamath County and Deschutes County. Quad and ATV’s are one of the hottest rides happening today. We’ve given you a start by listing some great places to “Get Your Quad On” below. When you come to NKC you’re entering one of the largest Quad and ATV areas around.

Don’t forget your ATV permit!
If you need a permit when you get here, this link will take you to a map of where you can buy a permit in Central Oregon.

North Klamath County


day-tripsNKC Day Trips:

Day trips are a great way to spend time with the family and Friends. While you’re spending time in North Klamath County you might like to take advantage of Beautiful and Historically filled Day Trips. Pack a lunch and a few Snacks. Then, plan on spending the day visiting Historical sights in Central Oregon. Leave early enough and you might take in two trips in one day depending on your itinerary. With so much to See and Do, your gonna Love North Klamath County.

The Oregon Outback Scenic Byway (Hwy 31)

In our backyard to the east is the Oregon Outback. Seen on SOPBS and PBS Television, the drive highlights the High Desert in all its glory including wildlife like you’ve never seen in the cities. Experience history along this famous route. Start your Oregon Outback adventure north of Gilchrist Oregon at Hyw 31 just south of La Pine, and return to North Klamath County via Silverlake Highway to Hwy 97 and back to the Crescent/Gilchrist area for an evening of North Klamath County skies filled with more stars than you have ever seen in your life. Don’t forget to stop by the “Cowboy Dinner Tree” in Silver Lake for an old fashion Cowboy Dinner along the cattle trail of the Oregon Outback. Click here to view, Download and Print the Oregon Outback Scenic Byway information.

Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Newberry National Volcanic Monument near La Pine Oregon is a recreational playground for thousands of visitors each year. Newberry Crater holds two alpine lakes, East and Paulina, which are home to trophy-size brown and rainbow trout, as well as kokanee and Atlantic salmon. Seven campgrounds in the Crater, offer shoreline camping, boat ramps, sanitary facilities, group camping, and a horse camp with equestrian trails. In the winter, the Crater is a popular destination for both snowmobile’s and cross-country skiers.

Collier Memorial State Park

On Hwy 97 about 30 miles north of Klamath Falls. Features an open air logging museum filled with early logging equipment and a pioneer log cabin village. Campground has 50 full hookup sites (sewer, electricity and water), 18 tent sites, and hot showers. Visitors enjoy fishing in two streams. Another great day trip from NKC.

Smith Rock State Park

A Beautiful Drive north of NKC. Smith Rock State Park protects a sanctuary of majestic rock spires that rise above the winding Crooked River in central Oregon’s high desert. It is an internationally renowned destination for rock climbing. A great day trip while visiting NKC How about a little video to get those climbin’ juices goin’.

High Desert Museum

Through exhibits, wildlife, and living history, High Desert Museum creates learning experiences to help audiences discover their connection to the past, their role in the present, and their responsibility to the future. A great day trip worth every minute or your time.

Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway

If you’re up for a nice drive, then we have one of the most beautiful drives of the century. Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway has everything you could imagine when it comes to Nature, Lakes and Wildlife on a high mountain countryside drive. Remember to take your Binoculars, Camera and Video Recorder. You’ll find exciting things to Focus, Snap & Shoot on your adventure. Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway located just west of Crescent. Click here to view, Download and Print Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway information.

North Klamath County


minutes-awayMinutes Away:

Not looking to venture too far off the beaten path your first night in town? There are still many Things To Do & Places To Go right here in each one of our communities. Whether its Short Hikes, A night of Bingo or, a nice walk around town or take in one of the areas local nightlife hot spots. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Crescent, Crescent Lake, Gilchrist, Chemult & La Pine:

If you’re like some travelers you just want to relax and take in some local sites and sounds your first day and night. Within many of our local communities or just minutes away are Great Restaurants, Treasure Shops and Local Night Life Hot Spots. Step out for a nice dinner at one of the many Restaurants or Lounges offering mouthwatering sensations of Central Oregon. After dinner you might like to take a stroll through the town and check out the Trinket and Treasure shop’s. It’s a great way to burn off some of the calories you just devoured. Maybe a night of dancing might be in order. Then, retire to your Camp, Motel, Inn or RV Park and relax to the sounds of a Campfire and Nature. Whatever you decide, we’ll make sure you enjoy.

Quail Run Golf Course:

Don’t forget your Golf Clubs. Minutes away in La Pine is Quail Run Golf Course, the best Championship 18-Hole Golf Course in the Northwest. Located just up the road from all our communities. It is the second toughest rated golf course in Central Oregon. Four sets of tees are available to challenge all levels of golfers. Facilities include a full service golf shop, great practice area and friendly snack bar. Private and group lessons are available from the professional staff.