NKC Credits

A BIG THANK YOU to those who Help Keep NKC Alive!

The North Klamath County website was started 10 years ago by CCbM.biz. CCbM is owned and operated by a local long term resident of Central Oregon. The NKC website was started after North Klamath County lost funding for NKC’s Chamber of Commerce. CCbM wanted to continue the great work which was started by the Chamber. It was important that we keep our presence on the Internet in an effort to inform the public not only about North Klamath County, but everything NKC has to offer. We’re also looking at the bigger picture. The future that is!

As time went by the NKC website grew and people started taking notice. In time additional people jumped on board and started providing suggestions and information they thought was important enough to share and post on the website. We have evolved into what you see now at the NKC website. A great place to visit regularly for Up to Date News & Events plus Great Places To Go and Things To Do in all Communities of North Klamath County. Chemult, Crescent, Crescent Lake & Gilchrist.

The following Businesses, Organizations and Individuals all played a vital roll in the growth of the NKC website. If you happen to see them in your daily life or during your travels around town, let them know you appreciate their selfless volunteer efforts for North Klamath County. Whether or not they know it, they have played and continue to play a BIG part in keeping NKC alive and well.

  • CCbM.biz (“Mikey the web guy” and founder of NKC Website, Webmaster for NKC website and countless others. Programmer, Developer and Designer. All website work has been dedicated and donated to North Klamath County.)
  • Crescent Community Club  (both past and present Board of Directors and currently our Major Sponsor.)
  • Chris Smouse (individual donor and CCC Bingo Coordinator.)
  • Crescent Shell Inc (Jeff & “Carrol Coker-RIP” for their generous donations to help pay NKC’s website bills. They have continually supported us from the beginning.)
  • COHORT1 (The first & the Last – Thank you for the beautiful Kiosks and all your hard work. Because of your dedication we are stronger together.)
  • Big Pines RV Park (Bruce & Donna Hall owners of the Big Pines RV Park provide all internet access services year round. Without this service, NKC would not be here.)

Without the help of these Businesses, Organizations and Individuals, the North Klamath County website would be lost in this vast wilderness we call home.

If you would like to join the list and Help Sponsor the North Klamath County website, please contact us using the form on our contact web page.

Special update: The current Crescent Community Club board of Directors for 2017 is responsible for approaching Discover Klamath with regards to securing a donation dedicated to help keep the NKC website alive. Thank you CCC Board of Directors, and Thank you Discover Klamath for your generous donation.

Before we stop tooting horns, there are hundreds of thousands of people who we cannot forget to thank. To the Millions of website visitors who continue Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually to visit the NKC website, WE THANK YOU!. Without you NKC is just an empty website full of pretty pictures and some fancy words that mean nothing. We hope you continue to visit and participate in our future. Together we indeed have “Many Rivers to Cross”.