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North Klamath County holds the keys to a vast array of year-round scenic wonders and endless outdoor activities. From a casual summer stroll beside the rippling waters of the Little Deschutes River or traversing one of the many diverse pathways offered along the picturesque 25 Lakes Highway to skiing within the wavering winter shadows of a Central Cascades’ mountain peak or simply admiring the lush flora beneath the calming canopy of sentinel forests, there exists much to be discovered, savored, and remembered in what many folks rightly refer to as a “breathtaking piece of Paradise”. In North Klamath County, countless adventures await, presenting an open invitation to come explore, engage, and enjoy an escape into a truly inspiring landscape, a rich canvas of character and color, overflowing with entertainment and opportunity. (Written by: Jeffrey Brent, Crescent, OR. © Copyright.)

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Things To See & Do, Places To Go

We’ve Got All The Things You Love To See & Do and More…

Lakes, Rivers, Streams & Water Sports. Find out where the hot fishing is. The best Water Skiing Lakes,  and more all at your fingertips. read more . . .
Hiking, Biking, Snow Skiing and Snowmobiling are a great way to spend family time together. Experience Nature from the many trails that lead through the Vast Forrest and along the Pacific Crest Trail, Hwy 97 and Willamette Pass. read more . . .
Experience Wildlife surrounding our Communities in the wooded hills of the Cascade Range Mountains. From Elk to Mule Deer and Mountain Lions to Wolves. Mother Nature is as beautiful as she is wild. read more . . .
We haven’t forgotten about the Quad and ATV lovers out there. With literally 100’s of miles of trails to ride, you’ll want to extend your vacation or getaway a few extra days to take in as much fun as you can. read more . . .

If Day Trips are your thing, we have many Great Destinations that will not only get your excitement to an all time high, but bring the whole family together on an adventure through History you’ll soon not forget. read more . . .
If you’re like some travelers you just want to relax and take in some local sites and sounds your first day and night. Within many of our local communities or just minutes away are Great Restaurants, Treasure Shops and Local Night Life Hot Spots. read more . . .

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Travel Planning for Vacations and Getaways

We all know getting ready for your big getaway is half the battle. Included in getting ready is, making Reservations, Planning Daily Activities and Day Trips to destinations that spark your interests. North Klamath County has gathered information in the form of Maps, Guides, Smartphone Apps and more to help you plan the trip of your dreams. Check out our helpful Travel Planning additions that will help cut the time getting ready in half.

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Crescent/Gilchrist Lions Club

Lions-ClubThe Crescent/Gilchrist Lions Club (a club serving all of North Klamath County) was chartered June 18, 2013. Our club meets the 2nd & 4th Thursday at 6:15 PM at the Crescent Community Center. The Crescent/Gilchrist Lions Club service projects have included the Gilchrist School Sight Screening, sponsoring the Mobile Health Screening Program (MHSP) which provides free health screenings for adults – Sight, Hearing, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose & Glaucoma & Adopt-A-Highway. continue reading…



The Best Things in Life are Waiting for you in North Klamath County

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