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NEWS ALERT! 07/25/2016
Smoke is coming into our area…. No fire locally, drifting in on the jet stream…. Fire Season is in effect…. No Campfires allowed in Forest…. Campfires are only allowed in designated campgrounds with an approved fire pit/ring.

Crescent Oregon The Little Town With A Big Heart

The Little Town
With A Big Heart

Gilchrist Oregon The Last Company Town In Oregon

The Last Company
Town In Oregon

Crescent Lake Oregon Fun Begins At Crescent Lake

Fun Begins
At Crescent Lake

Chemult Oregon In The Heart Of The Cascades

In The Heart
Of The Cascades

One of Oregon’s 7 Wonders
Crater Lake, right in our very own Backyard.

Come visit us here in North Klamath County to learn the secrets of living in the middle of Oregon’s most Beautiful Cascade Range Mountains. Don’t forget to step out in our backyard and visit Crater Lake up close and personal. You’ll be glad you did! Don’t forget, you can checkout Crater Lakes webcams here.


North Klamath County News

Walker Range Fire Season

Effective 12:01a.m. (one minute after midnight tonight) June 1, 2016 all lands under Walker Range jurisdiction will be closed to the following.

(1)  Smoking while working in or traveling through any operation area.
(2)  The use of fuse and caps for blasting, unless approval is granted by the forester.
(3)  The release of a sky lantern that is inside the district or within one-eighth mile of a district, or when released, crosses above land that is inside the district or within one-eighth mile of the district.
(4)  The discharge of an exploding target inside the district or within one-eighth mile of the district.
(5)  The discharge of tracer ammunition on land that is within the district or within one-eighth mile of the district, or when discharged, crosses above land that is within the district or within one-eighth mile of the district.
(6)  No debris or burn barrel burning.

For additional information from Walker Range, please visit their website at www.walkerrange.org

The 2016 Fish Stocking Reports are here, Check them out. . .

NKC Community Action Teams:

Visit your local CAT Team and find out what’s happening in your area.

Crescent Community Center has activities you wont want to miss.

Traveling through our area? Lost one of your Personal Belongings or a Family Pet? Don’t forget to post it on our “Lost & Found” web page. We’ll help you find it as well as get it returned safe and sound.

Crescent Gilchrist Lions Club
Crescent Gilchrist Lions Club


Things To See & Do, Places To Go

We’ve Got All The Things You Love To See & Do Plus More…


Lakes, Rivers, Streams & Water Sports. Find out where the Hot Fishing is. The best Water Skiing Lakes,  and more all at your fingertips. read more . . .


Hiking, Biking, Snow Skiing and Snowmobiling are a great way to spend family time together. Experience Nature from the many trails that lead through the Vast Forrest and along the Pacific Crest Trail, Hwy 97 and Willamette Pass. read more . . .


Experience Wildlife surrounding our Communities in the wooded hills of the Cascade Range Mountains. From Elk to Mule Deer and Mountain Lions to Wolves. Mother Nature is as beautiful as she is wild. read more . . .


We haven’t forgotten about the Quad and ATV lovers out there. With literally 100’s of miles of trails to ride, you’ll want to extend your Vacation or Getaway a few extra days to take in as much fun as you can. read more . . .


If Day Trips are your thing, we have many Great Destinations that will not only get your excitement to an all time high, but bring the whole family together on an adventure through History you’ll soon not forget. read more . . .


If you’re like some travelers you just want to relax and take in some local sites and sounds your first day and night. Within many of our local communities or just minutes away are Great Restaurants, Treasure Shops and Local Night Life Hot Spots. read more . . .


Travel Planning for Vacations and Getaways

We all know getting ready for your big getaway is half the battle. Included in getting ready is, making Reservations, Planning Daily Activities and Day Trips to destinations that spark your interests. North Klamath County has gathered information in the form of Maps, Guides, Smartphone Apps and more to help you plan the trip of your dreams. Check out our helpful Travel Planning additions that will help cut the time getting ready in half.

Central Oregon



The Best Things in Life are Waiting for you in North Klamath County

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