Welcome To North Klamath County
Its a Beautiful Day in NKC!

Crescent Oregon The Little Town With A Big Heart
The Little Town

With A Big Heart

Gilchrist The Last Company Town In Oregon
The Last Company

Town In Oregon

The Fun Begins At Crescent Lake Oregon
Fun Begins

At Crescent Lake

Chemult Oregon In The Heart Of The Cascades
In The Heart

Of The Cascades

The Communities that make up North Klamath County are Crescent, Gilchrist, Crescent Lake & Chemult. Together and with the help of Mother Nature, we represent a complete world of Places to Go & Things to See and Do. Recreation and Relaxation all rolled into one makes NKC a great place for Vacations, Weekend Getaways and an Awesome Place to Live. With an almost endless supply of “Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Hiking, Biking, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Wind Surfing, Kite Boarding, Snowmobiling, Wildlife, Quad/ATV Trails and Historic Treasures”,  Indeed “NKC Has It All”. The best part is, its all located in our Beautiful Backyard Playground. Bring your Family and Friends to North Klamath County for an experience you won’t forget.

North Klamath County


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North Klamath County

Places To Go & Things To See and Do In NKC

We’ve Got All The Things You’ll Love To Do & All The Places You’ll Love To Go
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One of Oregon’s 7 Wonders
Crater Lake, in NKC’s Backyard Playground

North Klamath County has the Outdoor Life you Crave
We’ve Got It All @ Your Beckon Call!

Lakes Rivers Streams

Hike Bike Ski

Quad Atv Utv Motorcycle


Day Trips

Minutes Away

Whether your Craving Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Fishing, Hunting or Water Sports. Hiking, Biking, Snow Skiing or Snowmobiling. Quad, ATV and UTV Trails. Day Trips full of History, Mystery and Wildlife and don’t forget to bring your Golf Clubs as Quail Run Golf Course is just minutes away. That’s right! We’ve got it all, at your beacon call.

With popular Lakes, Rivers and Streams like Odell Lake, Crescent Lake, Miller Lake, Davis Lake and Little Deschutes River you can’t go wrong. All the popular Central Oregon Rivers, Lakes and Streams are just minutes away. Our Backyard Fishing Holes have more fish than you can shake your Shakespeare Rod at. NKC is loaded for Bear when it comes to Great Places to Go and Awesome things to See & Do.

Lets Go Fishing in North Klamath County

The 2018 Fishing Reports will be here soon. Are you ready for the best Fishing in the State of Oregon? You’ve found it, right here in our Backyard Playground. Click here for your Best Bet locations to fish this season. So far our track record is 99.8% Spot-On for our Fishing Hot Spot selections.